General Information About The Book

Name of The Book: The Doors of Stone

Serie: The Kingkiller Chronicle

Author: Patrick Rothfuss

Language: English

Published by: DAW Books

The Doors of Stone book 3

This is What Patrick Rothfuss said when he announces a surprise detail about book 3 of the fantasy series The Doors of Stone!

“This person who started off the secret royalty is actually his secret Fay blood, so he’s in the world. No one knows that. Maybe even he doesn’t know that he has this fairy blood, goes to the university very, very young, learns dark secrets, causes some problems for him, really moves up the chart really faster than the rankings, really basket’s ruler and then goes out and actually goes out, learn the name of the wind. And learns names and becomes like. M. Namur. This is Ellerton Story right here. Play.”

You can watch the video here:

Some Rumors say that Patrick Rothfuss’s book 3 release date is set to the beginning of August 2020.

This new book is going to be the conclusion of the blockbuster series of The KingKiller Chronicles.Some Readers expect that this third book might be listed in the New York Times Bestseller list, as many fans are waiting for this new book.

What The Doors of Stone new book is about

The new book is going to talk about Kvothe’s life from where the second book left it out and it’s going to cover the final day of the story of “arc” and Kvothe.

Also, many readers and fans expect that this new book will talk about the reason why Kvothe’s life so sad and why his life was full of traveling and many things that the third book will be like the conclusion and the end of his journey.