Many of us like reading books and they find them wonderful and exciting whether if they are science books, novels, magazines or Romans..etc but have you ever thought of writing your own book and make others read it? have you ever thought about how it would be? how it would feel when you see others read a book written by you line by line and the feedbacks of your readers. I can tell you that it feels good! I myself not a book writer but I am a blogger and I know that feeling very much and I can tell you, it feels great.
So, without delay let’s get into it.

Find your passion

First, you need to find your passion. what does it mean? It means that you need to look into what category of writings do you like the most, are passionate about novels or stories? personal development books or objective subjects, politics, history, …etc you just have to choose in the beginning then after that everything will follow along after you start writing. so don’t be afraid of not having enough ideas to write about, just trust yourself and start writing.

write a plan or a roadmap of the book

This step is like a brainstorming where you plan on the structure of the book and the main ideas you are going to talk about. So, during this step, pick a calm place and a cup of coffee and start thinking about the ideas in your head about the book and list them in a notebook. This step is very important because based on it we will have a full vision of where we are heading and how the summary will look like.

Start small

After deciding what you are going to write about, it’s time to start writing some lines. here you can start by writing one page a day if it seems very difficult for you at the beginning. don’t worry you will get used to it by time. each time when you feel comfortable writing you will notice that you will write more pages without even noticing that. After you feel yourself on the track, start reading what you have written every day and make changes to it, because when you write you will find that many ideas are repeated or many sentences are misplaced, so it is always good to review what you wrote during the day every time you finish.