The competitive reader pushes material intent on overall significance, on main thoughts; he feels the arrangement and organization of their writing; he doesn’t become enmeshed in details but rather sees them into their proper perspective as a method of providing influence, convincingness, and solidity to the writer’s fundamental message. And it’s this simple concept, above all , that the competitive reader would like to know as quickly as clearly as possible.

To read vigorously, you need to enter the unshakable habit of seeing material as a whole, rather than absorbing it thought by thought, sentence by sentence, or word by phrase. You’ve probably made a fantastic start at creating this precious habit.

However, to be able to find, and react appropriately to, the fundamental, final, and overall significance of substance, you need to have the ability, as you browse, to”touch the mind of the writer in his writing”, you should have the ability to fulfill the author at least halfway; you need to have the ability to think with the author. When you can do this all, when you can correctly feel the way the writer has arranged his believing and in what pattern he’s presenting his ideas for you, then you’ll have the ability confidently, efficiently, and to strip down a page to its essentials; afterward you’ll be studying aggressively. Should you exercise properly and conscientiously about the nine extended selections in this chapter you may find yourself going a little closer to your goal of getting a competitive and quick reader. Cover every choice with a little, however mindful, pressure in your pace, using an awareness that you’re moving quickly. Pay careful to fixations or even eye-movements, and make no effort to inhibit internal speech these variables will treat these if you follow the other directions carefully.

To do this quickly and correctly, try to feel the extensive structure of this writing; attempt to have a sense for the blueprint the writer is using in presenting his material for you; attempt to understand the way the details function to highlight the key ideas, but do not let these particulars slow you up.