Day by day, as your training progresses, we will be on the alert to discover the changes you make. These modifications could be minor, but they’ll be perceptible, they’ll be cumulative, although they might be slow. And they will add up by time.
Our first step is to check your existing performance in order that we may establish a yardstick by which to measure your advancement to evaluate your own progress. In taking this evaluation you need to normally do the reading for the sort of comprehension you’re accustomed to, and in the same way, you need to generally cover any kind of mistakes you notice and avoid them as much as you can.

Test Your Speed.

When you are ready, Start your timing at the first black line, when you hit the next line, save the exact amount of seconds and minutes you took to finish the selection.
This is the speed aspect, Now let’s move to the comprehension phase. because it’s not about reading fast, You need to understand what are you reading.

Test Your Comprehension.

After reading many paragraphs you should always look and see if you really grabbed the information between those lines you are reading, or you are just reading with your unconscious mind.
Repeat this exercise many times until you realize that you can read and understand what you are reading. It may take some time but that’s the hard way to do it, PRACTICE!

Record Your Statistics.

As you progress, you should always keep track of your progress each day and see and monitor whether you are making progress or you are declining.
Take an agenda with dates and draw a table with 2 columns. One contains how many words you read and how much time you read them.

Second, each paragraph you read try to summarize it in few words.