Ahmed Sefrioui Biographie

Nationality: Morocco
Born in: Fez, 1915
Died in Rabat, on 02/25/2004


Ahmed Sefrioui is a Morrocan novel writer, he was born in fez in 1915, during the french protection of morocco. Ahmed Sefrioui went into the Koranic school, such as nearly all kids in his age at the moment. The memory of this faith, also of its especially violent methods regarding kids, is very current in his job. He climbed up from the Medina, a distance that dominates his job, particularly from the autobiographical novel La Boîte à Merveilles.

In addition, he attended the French faculty and then the faculty of Fez. Sefrioui is the creator of the Al Batha museum in Fez, a town that is located in the vast majority of his writings. In the Koranic school to the universities of Fez, through the discovery of the French language, there’s a travel that is located in his”historical” writings. He then guarantees acts from the protection and management of this heritage of this town of Fez. Then he entered the tourism section in Rabat. In 1947, he received the Grand Literary Prize of Morocco, given for the first time into some Moroccan, for the Annals of the Rosary of amber. Nearly All his writings will probably be reprinted or interpreted