Among the important goals of your training would be to transform your prospective speed right into a comfortable, speed that is habitual.
You will, throughout this guide, be constantly and asked, encouraged, and expected to follow to attain this aim.
You’ll Be prodded, cajoled, and Occasionally even shamed into following these important rules for improving your studying:

  1. Read more. You’ll need to read much greater than you are in the practice of reading. You do little more than go through the newspapers and magazines that are light if you are a reader. You happen to get a couple of moments, you browse, you read to pass the time. Unless you need to or you barely read. From today on, you have to be time.
  2. Learn how to read for ideas. Quit wasting effort and time. When you read a post, push efficiently for quick comprehension of this primary idea that the particulars support and exemplify; be more curious about the author’s fundamental thinking than in their own small factors.
  3. Fast readers are readers that are good. They’re fast because they’ve learned to comprehend fast because they give themselves constant training in understanding and they understand. To this end, they read hard material; and you also have to do exactly the same. Does a novel sound profound; does a publication of nonfiction seem difficult; does an article in a magazine look as if it’ll need more thinking than you feel ready to do? Then that’s the type of reading that can give you the training that is most precious. You will never be a better reader by restricting yourself to easy reading you cannot grow by pampering yourself, intellectually. Ask yourself Do I know more about myself and the rest of the planet, as a result of my reading, than I did five years past? If your answer is no, then you’d better get started on a kind of reading than you have been accustomed to.
  4. Say to yourself: I have this book and I need to finish it tomorrow night. Then start reading it. If you realize that you have to finish half of the book tonight and another half by tomorrow you’ll accelerate, because you will need to. You will develop tricks to get beforehand of skimming parts that are essential of searching for ideas. The reader that is good constantly has a feeling of moving fast, but he’s never uneasy because he has developed habits that are rapid.